I work from home, in the peaceful, rural setting of Brill and can offer you a warm safe, non- judgmental space to bring any client work that needs exploring. I can offer you experiential knowledge of Transactional Analysis to help you reflect on your client work, and Psychodynamic theory to illuminate any relationships within. My main area of expertise is in counselling older children and young people, something I have done for over a decade, although I have worked with ages 8-80 years.

My supervision model is an integrative one. My Core model is the creative and collaborative 'Cyclical Model' (Page & Wosket 2015) into which I integrate the Restorative element of the Functional Model (Inskipp & Proctor 1993) to facilitate disclosure and confidence building, and the 6th Eye of the Seven Eyed Model (Hawkins& Shohet 2012) to add personal reflection on my process as a supervisor.

While our focus will always be on your clients, it will also be on strengthening you, both as a person and as a therapist and thus empowering you in your work. In essence I see my role as ‘to set the stage, to ask the right questions, to lead the supervisee subtly down the path to their discovery.’ (Borders 2009:201).

Non- clinical supervision: I also offer non- clinical supervision for those in non- clinical roles, for example, in Education or Social Work. I have a strong connection to the Education sector,  having worked in this field for 12 years, in a variety of roles, from SEN T.A; Teacher; Mentor; Anti- bullying Co- ordinator and Counsellor to students, teachers and support staff. I have facilitated groups and can offer 1:1 or group supervision via Zoom or in- workplace session.

​During Covid- 19 I'm offering supervision via online platforms. I am happy to offer top- up supervision of an hour per month if you are already getting individual 1:1 supervision elsewhere. 

Feel free to contact me for further details; I will look forward to hearing from you and beginning a fruitful ‘learning alliance’ together. (Page& Wosket 2015:08).  ​